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The world of cancer care will look profoundly different in 2021. With the adoption of a value-based framework, providers will be reimbursed based on cost and quality—not volume—and patients will choose to entrust their care to those with a proven record of success. President-Elect Trump’s promises to repeal the Affordable Care Act and reform the Medicare program may substantially impact the economics of oncology practice, patient access to appropriate care, and the speed at which CMS moves toward pay-for-performance models. These unknowns are compounded by uncertainty surrounding how the new administration will approach hot topics like drug pricing and value-based purchasing, site-neutral hospital payments, and 340B eligibility. Oncology administrators should closely monitor these policy decisions and prepare flexible strategies for mitigating the impact on their programs and patients.

Faced with new complexities—what future are we planning for and how does it affect the physicians, technologies, and services needed to succeed in cancer? Cancer 2021 requires a transformational, actionable strategic plan now. Listen below to learn more.

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