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We are pleased to share that Oncology Solutions has joined The Chartis Group to deliver preeminent cancer care advisory and analytics services as Chartis Oncology Solutions.

Oncology Solutions is the first consulting firm dedicated exclusively to the development of comprehensive cancer programs, facilities, and services. For 45 years, we have been positively impacting communities across the nation through delivery of 2,000 cancer care projects and planning and implementation of over 200 cancer center projects.

The Chartis Group is known for delivering leading edge thinking in strategic planning, performance excellence, informatics and technology, and analytics to leading cancer centers.  Together, we extend the capabilities provided to clients and the industry at large, offering world class service needed to transform the delivery of cancer care, from leading edge strategy at the institutional and program level to clinical planning and care model design by tumor site.

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Our Mission

Working with healthcare providers, Chartis Oncology Solutions develops cancer care programs that transform patient experience, physician collaboration, and financial performance—positively impacting communities nationwide.

Founded in 1973

45 Years of Impact

Oncology Solutions was founded in 1973 as the first firm dedicated exclusively to the development of comprehensive cancer programs, facilities, and services. We provided guidance to the National Institutes of Health with the design of what became known as the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Comprehensive Cancer Centers Program evaluation criteria. Our clients included academic medical centers as well as many nationally recognized research organizations. In the early years, we also played an integral role in founding the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) and participating in the broader shift of cancer care to the community hospital setting. Chartis Oncology Solutions was established in January 2018 when Oncology Solutions joined The Chartis Group, a comprehensive healthcare advisory and analytics firm.

Seasoned Experience

Reimagining Cancer Care

Since its founding, our practice has assisted with more than 2,000 cancer-specific consulting engagements and the planning and implementation of over 200 cancer center projects. Chartis Oncology Solutions has developed a nationwide footprint that allows us to assist freestanding cancer centers, hospitals and health systems, physician practices, academic medical centers, and NCI-designated centers. At 75 percent repeat clientele, our strength is in our results and our relationships.

We build lasting relationships

Our Senior Leadership

Richard B. Taylor, PhD


During his 40 years in cancer program consulting, Richard has played an influential role in shaping the dialogue and the evolution of cancer program development. Since the early 1970s, Richard has focused on bringing value and real-world solutions to clients’ unique business challenges by helping them leverage their strengths and find new opportunities in the competitive marketplace.

Serving as an advisor to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Richard was instrumental in designing what became known as the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Comprehensive Cancer Centers Program evaluation criteria. He co-founded the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) and served as its director for the first year.

Rhonda S. Mealor

Director, Practice Lead

For more than 25 years, Rhonda Mealor has helped health care organizations of all types and sizes to align current operations and strategic goals to improve performance and achieve long-term growth. Focused on process improvement and adherence to evidence-based standards of care, Rhonda works closely with physicians and clinical staff to establish treatment guidelines as well as quality measurement and reporting methods. She has helped many organizations reduce costs, improve resource utilization, and provide more efficient, coordinated care through the development of multidisciplinary, tumor-specific programming. She has established more than 55 teams and facilitated nearly 400 tumor-site meetings across the United States.

Kelley D. Simpson, MBA, Healthcare Leadership


Kelley has spent 26 years utilizing her unique blend of strategic, financial, program development, and implementation experience to assist a wide variety of cancer care providers. Clients appreciate Kelley’s forward thinking and her keen understanding of evolving payment models and industry concerns. Her expertise with oncology service line performance, organizational strategy, and cancer care service and technology developments supports collaboration with clients to improve market position, operations, and financial performance. She has also developed and negotiated numerous hospital–physician arrangements, helping both parties to improve efficiency and succeed financially in today’s healthcare environment.

Ryan P. Langdale, MBA


Ryan Langdale, MBA, is a Principal with The Chartis Group in the Oncology Solutions practice. Mr. Langdale has consulting experience that spans more than 70 cancer programs, including some of the nation’s top health systems. His expertise is focused in hospital and health system strategy, network design, and transactional work. His recent projects include the design of an integrated cancer delivery model for one of the largest health systems in upstate New York; negotiation of a consolidation model between competing hospitals in Michigan; care design for the opening of a $400M cancer center in south Florida; and strategic planning for the community-affiliation programs at two of the top 50 NCI cancer centers.
We deliver impactful results

Our Consultants


Vice President, Facilities Design & Development

Jake A. Jones III, AIA, NCARB, LEED-AP, is the Vice President of Facilities Design and Development in the Oncology Solutions practice of The Chartis Group. He specializes in developing sustainable, environmentally sound facilities that truly work for clients—both financially and operationally. Mr. Jones brings more than 20 years of experience in cancer facility design and planning throughout the United States and abroad. His collaborative approach yields smart design solutions inspired by thoughtful understanding of cancer care delivery, emerging technologies, and clients’ unique needs. Project experience ranges from independent physician practices through NCI-designated cancer programs.

Paul Ortiz, MS, FACHE

Vice President

Paul Ortiz, MS, FACHE, is an accomplished healthcare leader with over 25 years of experience in oncology administration with an emphasis in physician relations, management development, healthcare strategy and operations in both academic and community medicine. He is experienced in patient and employee engagement, operations, facility growth strategies, market assessment and development, and program implementation in for-profit and non-profit healthcare organizations. Most recently, Mr. Ortiz served as Vice President of Cancer Services for Community Medical Centers (CMC), a healthcare network based in Fresno, California.

Tricia Strusowski, MS, RN


Tricia Strusowski, MS, RN, is a Manager with The Chartis Group in the Oncology Solutions practice. With more than 30 years of experience in the oncology field, Ms. Strusowski has worked in a variety of roles, including an oncology nurse, nurse manager, case manager, and a clinical director overseeing a multitude of departments, including cancer care management. Her passion is patient- and family-centered care in the oncology landscape. In conjunction with serving on multiple advisory boards, she has implemented over 15 multidisciplinary cancer programs, including breast, lung, head & neck, pancreatic, and various other tumor site–specific teams. Ms. Strusowski is a regular contributor to leading industry publications including Oncology Issues and the Journal of Clinical Pathways.

Jeremy C. Stapp, MBA


Jeremy Stapp, MBA, is a Manager with The Chartis Group in the Oncology Solutions practice. Mr. Stapp combines a passion for healthcare and his experience in strategy and process improvement to assist community hospitals, academic medical centers, and health systems with implementation of patient-centric oncology service lines. Clients appreciate Mr. Stapp’s ability to truly listen to their stakeholders and identify key barriers and opportunities for their program. His project experience includes strategic planning, multidisciplinary tumor site teams, physician alignment, and various clinical program development activities. Prior to joining Chartis Oncology Solutions, Mr. Stapp developed his project management skills in the healthcare industry at Concentra, Inc.

Daniel DePonte

Senior Consultant

Daniel DePonte is a Senior Consultant with The Chartis Group in the Oncology Solutions practice. Mr. DePonte combines a rich background in financial analytics with a comprehensive business sense. His attention to detail and financial and management education translates into revenue cycle and operational structure insights that help clients operate at a high level of efficiency and excellence.Mr. DePonte’s experience has been instrumental for clients in the development of analytics for our strategic planning engagements. He has significant experience managing Chartis Oncology Solutions’ physician engagement and transactional work, successfully completing several transactions over the last four years.

Brian Leigh, MBA

Senior Consultant

Brian Leigh, MBA, is a Senior Consultant with The Chartis Group in the Oncology Solutions practice. He has a background in healthcare that includes experience working for hospital systems and medical device suppliers. Mr. Leigh brings a variety of practical knowledge, with emphases in finance, accounting, and data analytics. Prior to joining Chartis Oncology Solutions, Mr. Leigh worked as a financial analyst at both Molnlycke Health Care and Piedmont Healthcare, where he developed his skills in financial analysis, data modeling, budgeting, and market analytics. This experience is invaluable in assisting clients with identifying their current opportunities and then capitalizing on these opportunities through successful strategic planning and implementation, resulting in increased efficiencies and, most importantly, improved levels of care for the patient.

Hunter Lambert

Senior Consultant

Hunter Lambert is a Senior Consultant with The Chartis Group in the Oncology Solutions practice. Mr. Lambert has a background in private equity finance, managing financial planning and analysis for an Atlanta-area startup. From there, he transitioned to banking and insurance consulting with KPMG’s strategy consulting group where he assisted clients with business process improvements, finance transformations, employee outsourcing, and strategy development. He now applies his financial modeling and strategy expertise to the healthcare industry to provide holistic, actionable plans to empower hospitals, health systems, and medical groups to improve their organization’s market capture and profitability while increasing patient satisfaction and accessibility.

Alex Glonek

Senior Consultant, ONC iQ®

Alex Glonek is a senior consultant with The Chartis Group in the Oncology Solutions practice. He brings a strong background in finance, consulting, and IT. Blending business expertise with technical savvy, Mr. Glonek enjoys finding new solutions for client business needs. He currently leads development for ONC iQ®, our cancer business intelligence platform. ONC iQ® captures cancer program data in near real-time, enabling continuous performance monitoring and offering an opportunity to visualize the oncology service line like never before. Mr. Glonek’s entrepreneurial spirit inspires start-up ideas and applications for emerging technologies to help our clients achieve greater success. Earlier in his career, he worked as a financial analyst for both The Home Depot and Verizon Communications.
We are here to serve our clients

Our Corporate Support

Cheryl Lyons

Director of Administrative Services

From business operations and client scheduling to the many details associated with employee recruitment, retention and benefits, Cheryl wears many hats as Director of Administrative Services. But with the skill and steady resolve of an air traffic controller, she brings an order and calm to the flurry of activities that pass daily through Chartis Oncology Solutions’ busy office. With extensive office management and administrative experience, she plays an important role in supporting Chartis Oncology Solutions’ consultant and senior leadership teams. She is often the first point of contact for clients, visitors, and vendors and is their go-to contact for questions and coordinating communications or engagements with senior leadership staff. A creative problem solver, she is a stickler for deadlines and a pro at research and finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Anthony O. Porter, MBA

Manager of Finance

Anthony joined our practice in 2003, bringing more than a decade of experience from the hospitality industry. A native of Lucea, Jamaica, Anthony has parlayed a love for warm, sunny climates with career opportunities in the corporate offices of such travel and leisure destinations as Grand Lido Resort in Negril, Jamaica and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. Managing everything from invoices, accounts receivables, accounts payables to budgeting and tax compliance. Anthony keeps the business side of Chartis Oncology Solutions running smoothly. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and completed his Master of Business Administration at Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia. In his free time Anthony enjoys singing in his church choir, cooking traditional Jamaican cuisines, and spoiling his two nephews, Huntley and Bradley.

Rachel Street

Senior Administrative Assistant

As Senior Administrative Assistant to the Practice Manager, Rachel juggles a variety of roles, including scheduler, travel coordinator, and point of contact for clients and their assistants. In addition to her work coordinating site visits and conference calls, Rachel is a dedicated member of the Editorial Committee and is the first line of defense against typos and grammatical errors in a variety of key documents and presentations. A native of England, Rachel has lived throughout the United States. She has found her home in Atlanta, where she enjoys live music, spending time with family, and perusing the many secondhand bookstores that the area has to offer. Rachel received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Oglethorpe University in Atlanta.

Erica Howze

Senior Administrative Assistant

As a Senior Administrative Assistant, Erica maintains the schedule for Director Richard B. Taylor. In addition to coordinating site visits and booking travel, she also facilitates meetings for cross-practice engagements. Although she considers herself a southern girl, Erica originates from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Southern New Hampshire University. She is the proud mother of a bright and industrious son named Carter. In her spare time, Erica enjoys watching documentaries, spending time with family and friends, and working as a volunteer, providing healthcare supplies to the homeless once a month.

Alex Cruz

Marketing Coordinator

Alex Cruz is the Marketing Coordinator in the Oncology Solutions practice of The Chartis Group. Alex manages marketing initiatives ranging from direct mail campaigns to digital strategy efforts pertaining to the brand. Through coordination with members of both the People Services Team and consulting staff, she maintains key internal reports and prepares client-facing materials. A native of Texas, Alex has a soft spot for southern comfort food and enjoys exploring Atlanta in search of the most Instagrammable food in the city. Alex has a Master of Arts in Advertising from The University of Texas at Austin.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“As an oncology medical director and radiation oncologist, my experience with Oncology Solutions spans many years. The firm was engaged to assist our medical staff and administration with business, space and equipment planning for our original cancer center facility. As our program matured, we re-engaged Oncology Solutions over the years to assist with organizational planning, disease site program planning and joint venture opportunities. Now, 10 years later, Oncology Solutions is assisting us with expanding our existing facility to a major comprehensive cancer center of 60,000+ GSF. Throughout all of my experiences, Oncology Solutions has been very physician-industry savvy, equally hospital and physician supportive, and very creative and efficient in their consulting and implementation practices. Oncology Solutions definitely has served many times as a catalyst for our oncology service line growth.”

Pete Garrett, MDMedical Director

“I was co-engaged as a consultant with Oncology Solutions to provide Medical Director oversight for the development of the only comprehensive cancer center in the Caribbean. Not only was Oncology Solutions exceptional to work collaboratively with during this process but their professional team was integral to making the project a success from a range of aspects including planning, budgeting, medical staff and executive team relations, technologies and facilities development, and marketing and fundraising guidance. Without Oncology Solutions, these project successes could not have been realized.”

Bert Petersen, MDSurgical Oncologist

“At Griffin Hospital, when we made the decision to seek assistance with a radiation therapy feasibility study, we researched several firms. But, only one of these firms provided a full range of oncology-specific services that ultimately served us throughout our project--from conception to facilities and equipment planning and CON submission. And, along the way, Oncology Solutions made incredible strides through collaboration with our medical staff, assistance with selection of a radiation oncology provider, education of our Board, facilitation on legal and regulatory issues related to finance and organizational structure, and many others core to the concept of developing a "world class" program and operation. Thanks to Oncology Solutions' professional guidance, our dream of establishing a comprehensive community cancer center will be a reality.”

Pat Carmel, CEOGriffin Hospital
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