Oncology Solutions began a strategic planning process with an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center to develop a network model for affiliation. The NCI center recognized that the future of integrated cancer care would require unique and compelling partnerships and that, in order to achieve successful partnership, it needed a go-to-market strategy for affiliation with its cancer program. The NCI center suspected┬áthat there might be multiple levels of partnership ranging from services agreements, research collaboration, and even joint-ventured facilities and programs but did not have a framework for the “menu” of offerings. The contact with Oncology Solutions initiated with this context and the task of organizing a comprehensive affiliation/network model that could be taken to community hospitals throughout the region.


Oncology Solutions worked closely with the NCI’s designated outreach team to develop the “value proposition” that the program would bring to its affiliates. This included a formal valuation of the brand, market estimates for how the partnership could impact program volumes and growth, and developing legal models for affiliation and partnership. Throughout the course of this strategic planning, Oncology Solutions was further engaged as an intermediary to approach prospective hospitals and explore possible affiliation with the NCI cancer center. To date, this program now has seven official affiliates with several others pending. The network model has been extremely successful in promoting shared growth of all programs, extending cutting edge research into the community setting, and encouraging the kind of creative partnership necessary for success in the value-based world.


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Academic cancer care is increasingly integrating research, clinical care, and education into the community setting

Our firm works with NCI-designated cancer programs and academic medical centers across the country. Our work with these organizations spans strategy, network development, transactional facilitation, programmatic development, and space planning.