Oncology Solutions was engaged by a large urban health system to assist with developing a future-state strategic and financial plan for a fully integrated cancer care network. When Oncology Solutions began the project, the health system had limited oncology services and faced formidable competition from several nearby systems. The system had a bone marrow transplant program and oncology research; however, medical, GYN, and radiation oncology services were not offered. These dynamics led to the pursuit of a professional services agreement (PSA), a management services agreement (MSA), and an oncology clinical co-management agreement with a large independent oncology practice.


Over the course of 26 months, Oncology Solutions worked with the health system and practice to negotiate the PSA, MSA, and co-management agreement; develop the foundation and model for a team-based approach to managing cancer care delivery; and implement the go-live. The result was a comprehensive oncology program spread across five hospitals and 10 medical and GYN oncology clinic locations. In addition to providing services that were not previously offered by the system, the program now offers a cohesive program where co-management participants develop, manage, and improve the quality and efficiency of the oncology service line. This client is already seeing a market response to its efforts and is planning for further development and expansion of the service.


Oncology Clinical Co-Management


Large Urban Health System

What We Did

Strategy. Professional Services Agreement. Management Services Agreement. Co-management Agreement.