Over a period of five years, Oncology Solutions was engaged with a regional southeastern hospital to develop seven disease-specific CPGs in the following disease sites: Colorectal, Thoracic, Head & Neck, Skin & Soft Tissue, Hepatobiliary, Breast, and Gynecologic Malignancies. During this time, the hospital also underwent two strategic alignments with a radiation therapy center and a local hospital, ultimately recognizing that delivering value in cancer care relies on disease site–specific care design, clinical standardization, and a team-based approach to caring for the patient.

The seven teams were tasked with standardization and process improvement activities throughout the continuum of care and met on a monthly basis. Meetings were facilitated by Oncology Solutions but were physician-driven to ensure physician and support staff buy-in. Teams consisted of a broad coalition of stakeholders including both aligned and non-aligned physicians, specialists when appropriate, and a wide array of administrative leadership and other allied health professionals.


“Clinical standardization” included engaging the physicians in creating clinical pathways that reflect their consensus on the best approach to work-up, treatment, and surveillance of their specific tumor-site

As a result of these efforts, the hospital is reaping the benefits of more efficient, less variable patient care, standardized evidence-based medicine, and truly engaged physicians across all aspects of the program. These teams continue to meet under the leadership of the cancer center administrator and a designated CPG coordinator. The teams’ accomplishments to date include, but are not limited to, implementing a low-dose CT screening program, streamlining patient and physician barriers for referrals to a navigator, developing a tobacco cessation alert in the EMR, and developing and implementing colonoscopy screening protocols.


Facilitation of seven Clinical Performance Groups


Regional Community Hospital

What We Did

Collaboration. Multidisciplinary Team. Process Improvement.

Recent CPG Projects
Oncology Solutions has initiated more than 80 CPG teams and 850 meetings, including:

  • 1 Brain & Spine CPG
  • 17 Breast CPGs
  • 5 Colon and Rectal CPGs
  • 8 Gastrointestinal CPGs
  • 5 Genitourinary CPGs
  • 6 Gynecologic CPGs
  • 5 Head and Neck CPGs
  • 2 Hematologic CPGs
  • 1 Hepatobiliary/Upper Gastrointestinal CPG
  • 5 Neurologic CPGs
  • 1 Pediatric CPG
  • 3 Skin and Soft Tissue CPGs
  • 21 Thoracic CPGs