Oncology Solutions was contacted by a small community hospital in a coastal retirement community. The hospital had a cancer program that served ~1,000 new cancer cases each year in most basic disease sites. In recent years, the program had begun to contract, despite a growing population, largely due to competitive activity from nearby hospitals. The cancer program responded to these dynamics by engaging outside assistance with charting a three- to five-year plan for program growth. The physicians believed that the program offered immense regional value, but they did not have a blueprint for how to develop their program and communicate that value to the community.


During the course of the project, Oncology Solutions worked with the executive leadership team and an oncology strategy group to assess the competitive landscape, benchmark existing programs and services, and develop a set of strategies designed to grow the program. One key tactic involved the feasibility assessment and construction of a satellite cancer center to ensure the program had outpatient access points for its regional patient population. This investment involved significant physician discussion, financial modeling for medical and radiation therapy, and clinical programming to ensure the satellite functioned in as consistent a manner as the rest of the cancer program. After completing the planning phase, this client embarked on rapid implementation and is already seeing a market response to its efforts.


Community Hospital Cancer Strategy


Coastal Retirement Community

What We Did

Strategy. Business Planning. Implementation.

Community cancer care

is rapidly evolving 

to a new value-based paradigm

Oncology Solutions works with community hospitals of all shapes and sizes on cancer program planning and implementation. We pride ourselves on engaging local communities and medical staffs in being active stakeholders in the planning process and creating ownership for the future growth of the program. Read more about our planning approach for community hospitals, here.