Oncology Solutions was engaged by a health system to help develop a vision and a network delivery model for its cancer programs spread across 25 hospitals in three states. When Oncology Solutions began the project, the health system had limited institutional organization, fractured services, and faced formidable competition from several nearby academic institutions. Nearly all hospitals in the network experienced significant outmigration of cancer cases that could have been treated locally. These dynamics led to the beginnings of a visioning and strategic planning process to assess the market, evaluate resources and capabilities of the hospitals’ cancer programs, and frame a blueprint for bringing all the pieces together.


Over the course of 12 months, Oncology Solutions worked with the health system to shape a data-driven, physician-championed strategic plan for cancer care. The result was a comprehensive roadmap for harmonizing clinical care and research throughout the health system, recruitment of  a nationally-renowned medical director, establishment of cohesive brand identity and care processes throughout the network, and system/philanthropic commitment of $500M in program and capital investment in oncology. Today the health system is one of the premier cancer care providers in the mid-Atlantic, has reversed the flow of patients to nearby academic centers, and is currently planning for space expansion to accommodate its growth in volumes.


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Oncology Solutions has helped organize cancer care for some of the largest community health systems in the country. Read more about our approach to planning in our recent article in Hospitals & Health Networks, here.