Oncology Solutions was retained by a large community health system in the southeast to help facilitate exploratory discussions with a 60+ medical oncology physician practice. The hospital was in the early stages of a major regional strategic plan, central to which was the alignment of medical oncology under the cancer program’s umbrella. The health system recognized that its vision for coordinated care could not be achieved without physician alignment and that consolidation of the region’s practices could facilitate sharing of best practices and standardization of clinical care. Further, the hospital recognized that the ability to offer a competitive service with a local NCI cancer center would hinge upon the degree to which it could collaborate with physicians on creating a center of excellence in cancer care.


Over a period of 18 months, Oncology Solutions worked collaboratively with the hospital and the physician practice to discuss shared objectives and goals, analyze financial models and determine fair market value, and draft a comprehensive letter of intent to align the organizations. The end result of this engagement was a signed Letter of Intent and, later, a fully executed contract to align >60 physicians at more than 30 different medical oncology sites. This relationship, which was built on mutual trust and shared values, is now entering its fifth year and is successfully serving the needs of patients and the shared vision of the hospital and its physicians.


Med Onc Professional Services Agreement


Community Health System and Medical Oncology Physician Practices

What We Did

Facilitation. Financial Modeling. Term Sheet Development.

Integrating the key stakeholders

in the cancer care continuum 

is the single greatest opportunity

Oncology Solutions has facilitated more than 60 physician alignment projects in the past five years, including professional services agreements as well as individual and group employment. If you are a physician or a hospital interested in learning more about these models, please contact our team.